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Following are some money-saving tips or suggestions that have been submitted to us by singles. If you have good money-saving tips that you would like to share with other singles, please contact us. Thank you.


Freebies on your birthday

Do you know that you can get a lot of freebies (such as free dinners) on your big birthday if you do a little bit of work before your birthday? Visit the following websites for detailed information:

Savings for traveling

  • Southwest Airlines has a program that provides substantial discounts to different destinations every day. Each day they have special sale to different cities for certain flights but the special discount is available only for a very limited period of time (such as several hours, half a day or one day). If you can catch the sale and the discount is available for the flight that you want to take, you can save a lot of money.  The program is called DING and you need to download the DING webtool from Southwest Airlines' website, http://www.southwest.com. Once you have downloaded the program, you can check the specials that they have every day.

Savings for gas

Websites providing information on current super deals for a variety of items from many different companies

Savings for restaurants

  • There is a website where you can purchase restaurant gift certificates at a great discount. For example, for a $25 gift certificate, you only pay $10. After you have purchased one certificate, they periodically send you an email for special promotions in which you pay $5 or $4 or somtimes even just $3 for a $25 certificate. The website's address is www.restaurant.com. There is no fee for signing up the program. The list of available restaurants is pretty good. They have restaurants nationwide who participate in this program. Check it out. The only catch is that most of the restaurants require you to spend at least $35 to redeem the $25 gift certificate. So you go as a family or as a group of several people, you would not have any problems in satisfying the requirement.
  • There is a coupon book called ENTERTAINMENT which provides coupons for buy-one-get-one-free discounts at many restaurants in many major cities. You can purchase them online (http://www.entertainment.com) or locally from many charity organizations who sell them to raise funds. This coupon book also provides discounts for many other things in addition to restaurants. 

Great Websites for coupons

General Tips for Savings