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Tips for Singles
(Food for Thoughts)



This is a forum for singles to submit their thoughts and insights so that we (singles) can learn from each other. If you have any good tips or thoughts to share with other singles, please contact us. Following are some tips that were submitted by singles:

  • The secret to finding a quality mate is to be a quality person. Be willing to honestly look inside yourself and develop a desire to grow to be your best self--physically, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and professionally--will make you very attractive to people. By the law of attraction, as we become a quality person, we will naturally attract the quality mate that we seek. As you already know, what matters is not who we want but who we can attract. 

  • Have you reflected upon yourself these questions: what is it like to be married to me, or to be with me 24 hours a day? Is it pleasant and enjoyable? There is an old saying that we can not make people like us, but we can make ourselves more likable.

  • Smile often...it would let people feel that you are friendly, pleasant and open. In general, people like to be people who are happy, friendly and personable.

  • For men, think of the following 7 B's when going on a date and you will have a successful date:

    • Be a true gentleman...be kind and caring

    • Be honest and sincere

    • Be respectful of your date 

    • Be a good listener (avoid talking too much of yourself)

    • Be positive (i.e. avoid talking about negative things such as your ex-spouse)

    • Be confident

    • Be humorous and fun

  • To have good communication, especially when trying to resolve conflicts, try to use the word "I" instead of "you", such as "I feel hurt when..." instead of "you are rude when...". People usually would not be offended when you express your feelings and they will be more likely to accept what you say.

  • A good way to overcome loneliness is to serve others. If you find being at home by yourself is very difficult sometimes, think about serving as a volunteer in some charity organizations in your local community that can utilize your skills or talents. Spending time with people and helping people will uplift you and help you feel better about yourself. Making a positive difference in other people's lives is a very satisfying experience. 

  • Hang around people who are positive, happy and fun. They will uplift you and make you feel happier.

  • Develop a circle of good friends ( single and married) for support or for going out for fun social activities. Having good close friends can make singles life much easier and fun.

  • For men, take some dance lessons if you like to dance. It will be one of the best investments that you will ever make. Most women like to dance and most men don't know how to dance. So if you are a good dancer, you will have a great competitive edge over the other men:o). It may also help you and your future spouse build a closer relationship as you both enjoy the same hobby.

  • For men, when someone asks you for a dance, please understand that it may take a lot of courage for that person to come up and ask you. So be considerate and kind in your decision. 

  • ..........more to come later...